By mentioning the name Tangkas does not mean that every layman knows that this organization is more than six decade years old. If compared to human being, such an age can be considered as very mature and is enjoying life, but not many people know how it has been struggling to exist until today. People just see that Tangkas is a club which has brought 10 World Champions into the world and delivered the players to success fighting for 4 medals in Olympic arena.

In fact, the journey of Tangkas has been full of struggle from the beginning until now. That Tangkas still exists today is because the commitment of the management members who have the willingness to sacrifice and commit to high dedication. It is understandable that the success of this club is not because of the support of conglomerates’ fund resources but because of the close family system relationship among the players, trainers, and management members, like a big family, that Tangkas is still being appreciated.

Tangkas was founded by badminton devotees in 1951. At that time, RD Saputra, Soewarjo, Said, Kosasih, and several other names had the commitment to establish a badminton club. Exactly, it was on the 21st of February 1951. This day can be confirmed as the birthday of PB Tangkas.

When Tangkas was set up in 1951, the Suhandinata family did not join it since at that time this family still lived in Jakarta Old Town. The members, then, moved to Kebayoran Baru area in 1955 dan enlisted in the club in 1957.

No one is aware of who started and initiated the name Tangkas. From a certain source it is known that Tangkas in Indonesian language is the acronym of Tujuan Anggota Kita Adalah Sports, which means the purpose of our members is sports.

After having been founded for 10 years, the health of RD Saputra dwindled. Thus, one day he gathered some of the management members and players of the club and explained : “I want to dissolve Tangkas”.

Eventually, RD Saputra handed over the leadership of Tangkas to Justian Suhandinata. As an estafet stick receiver, Justian soon brought a new and fresh atmosphere. Since the badminton court in Jalan Barito I/9, Jakarta did not meet the requirement, Justian moved the training opportunities of PB Tangkas to the home of Suharso Suhandinata in Blok M area, Jalan Bulungan I nr. 10-11, South Jakarta. Justian was a badminton addict, so it was not surprising when he asked his father to become the chief of Tangkas.

Suharso, who was also a keen badminton enthusiast, could not refuse his son’s plea. He accepted this appeal open-handedly and he also appointed his son as the secretary of the club.

Due to the spirit to keep up the struggle, Justian was capable of leading Tangkas to a much better direction. Although this club was only supported by the Suhandinata’s company fund resource as well as the dedication and high loyalty of the management, from time to time various sponsors was being involved, the big groups business such as Bimantara Group, Bogasari Group, Alfamart Group, Specs Group, Flypower Group and other sponsors, Tangkas has been able to survive until now. Of course, Tangkas since 1951, various turbulences up and down situation have happened, negative rumors was spready but in fact, it still exists, stands firmly, and even highly dedicates to Indonesian badminton up to now.

It is not to boast but Tangkas can be said as a club which has the most achievements in the world. It is recorded that 10 World Champions are produced by this club, beginning from Ade Chandra/ Christian Hadinata who attained the title World Champion in 1980, then Verawaty (1980), Icuk Sugiarto (1983), Joko Suprianto (1993), Ricky Soebagdja/ Gunawan  (1993). Ricky/ Rexy Mainaky (1995), Hendrawan (2001), Nova Widianto/ Lilyana Natsir (2005 and 2007), and Lilyana Natsir/ Tontowi Ahmad (2013).

This club has also presented 4 pieces of medals from Olympic arena. Bronze medal was obtained by Hendrawan Susanto in Barcelona Olympic 1992, Ricky/Rexy seized gold medal in Atlanta Olympic 1996, and 2 silver medal were contributed by Hendrawan in Sydney Olympic 2000 and Nova Widianto/ Lilyana Natsir in Beijing Olympic 2008.

As an illustration. The name of the international tournament champions, members of Thomas Cup team, Uber cup, Sudirman Cup, national and famous players from Tangkas Badminton Club since 1975 are as follows: Bambang Cahyadi, Mintarja, Justian Suhandinata, Poppy Tumengkol, Enny Handayani, Ade Chandra, Juniarto Suhandinata, Taty Sumirah, Regina Masli, Dhany Sartika, Beben Supendi Mulyana, Verawaty Fadjrin, Yanti Kusmiyati, Lius Pongoh, Icuk Sugiarto, Serian Wiyatno, Hendry Saputra, Kurniahu, Richard Mainaky, Herry Iman Pierngadi, Kimas Wijaya, Elizabeth Latief, Ratih Kumaladewi, Erma Sulistianingsih, Merry Herlim, Kho Mei Hwa, Hermawan Susanto, Sarwendah Kusumawardhani, Joko Suprianto, Meiluawati, Reony Mainaky, Thomas Indratjaja, Mira Sundari, Lenny Permana, Setiadi Hartono, Juang Jayadi, Michael Tedjakusumah, Melissa Dewi, Agnatasia Rosalia, Rexy Mainaky, Ricky Subagdja, Hendrawan, Elyza Nathanael, Catherine, Marleve Mainaky, Yudi Suprayogi, Irwansyah, Hadi Saputra, Endra Mulyajaya, Vita Marissa, Chynthia Tuankotta, Upi Chrisnasari, Enny Widyowati, Nova Widianto, Grace Polii, Santoso S, Mona Santoso, Vidre Wibowo, Ignatius Rudy, Ardiansyah, Endang Nursugianti, Jo Novita, Wiempie Mahardi, Liliyana Natsir, Natalia Poluakan, Simon Santoso, Yohanes AK, Marcus Wijanu, Alamsyah Yunus, Yuan Kartika Putri, Indra Bagus Ade Chandra, Alfa Vivianita, Yoga Pratama, Sri Untari, Ade Sutrisna, Devin Lahardi, Ronne Rontolalu, Yohanes Hogianto, Ricky Kristiawan, Pribadi, Enroe, Nonong D. Zanati, Helen Paoki, Evert Sukamta, Ary Trisnanto, Nandang Arief Saputra, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon, Putri Mustia Restu Pangersa, Jonathan Christi and Wahyu Nayaka.

Tangkas has contributed completely to the development badminton of Indonesia. Besides presenting 10 world champions, and 4 olympic champions Tangkas has accomplished a number of other achievements which cannot be matched by other clubs in this planet. Tangkas has also brought super trainers into badminton world.

Especially at this time, there are 11 high rangking PBSI (Indonesia Badminton Association) and coaches are the former players of Tangkas Badminton Club such as : Rexy Mainaky, Richard Mainaky, Marlev Mainaky, Ricky Soebagdja, Hendry Saputra, Yanti Kusmiyati, Herry Iman Pierngadi. Sarwendah Kusumawardhani, Endra Mulyajaya, Nova Widianto, and Endang Nur Sugianti.

Furthermore, Tangkas has also come up with reliable and international level organizers such as Ferry Sonneville, Dick Sudirman, Suharso Suhandinata, Justian Suhandinata, Leo Ch. Wiranata, etc. As well as international referees and umpires, such as Juniarto Suhandinata, Cholid Magad, and Mamat Zakir.

The more gladden contribution of this club to the international badminton world until the end of the world is the idea and proposal of the late Suharso Suhandinata to BWF to use the name Sudirman as the World Mixed Team Championships. Sudirman Cup was first presented in 1989 in Jakarta and it still moves on now.

Another enlivening note is the use of Suhandinata’s family name as a trophy for World Junior Mixed Team Championships. Suhandinata Cup was introduced for the first time and officially stagged in 2008 in Alor Setar, Malaysia.

Tangkas, which is like flowing water, will continue to commit to bring world champions into the world.